For this picture I wanted to capture both of the buildings. While taking this picture I stepped back and focused it mainly on the Parliment Building. The rain on the road also adds a nice soft feel to the picture . I wanted the car to also be apart of the picture so I waited till it was in the picture also it adds a nice touch to the picture because it is not blocking any of the buildings but still makes the picture look more organized



Camera:Iphone 5S

F/Stop: f/5

ISO Speed: 1000 sec

Shutter Speed: 1/800




F-stop: f/5

Shutter Speed: 1/4000 sec.

ISO speed: ISO-1000

My vision for this picture was to capture the texture of the weeds along with the branches. Originally, I had wanted my weed to be placed against a blue background, which would be the sky, but I was unable to photograph that. Instead, I ended up including parts of the plant and emphasized the effects of it by bringing only the weed and branch into focus and blurring out the rest of the plant.

Yellow flower



fstop- f/4.8,    ISO-360,  exposure time- 1/60

My vision for this picture was to put as much as the subject possible in the photo and to blur out what wasn’t needed. I blurred the leaves around the flower to give more focus to the subject, also to make it more appealing to the viewers eyes.




Fstop: f/4

Exposure time: 1/200 sec.

ISO speed: iso-500

I decreased the ISO on this picture so that the picture would come out clearer and also set the camera to a monochrome setting so that the picture would come out black and white. I used the rule of thirds so that it gives the picture more of a professional look.

Snow Angel



Nikon D40

f-stop: f/5.6

Exposure time: 1/320 sec

ISO Speed: ISO-400


I took this picture a while back when we had our first snow fall of the year. This picture was taken after Simran was giving Auvy a piggy back ride and Cole came and knocked them over. She was in the middle of brushing the snow off when I got this shot. I was really happy with the effect that the snowflakes on the lens made on the photo.

caution wet floor


f-stop: f/4.5 shutter speed: 1/80 ISO-3200

I just tried to get this picture for the black and white assignment but I actually ended up liking it. I liked the way the “Caution” part was in focus while the other part of the sign were not so much. Also the black white  created a different cool effect.

Beauty in Clouds


stats: aperture f/5, shutter 1/4000, iso 180

My vision for this picture was to try to capture the beauty in clouds.  I took this picture in the morning but it was still a little dark outside which made the picture look neater. What I really like about this picture is how I captured different shades of blue which really makes the clouds more noticeable. I really like how the sun made the snow look like a purplish blue colour in the picture. Also the sunlight you can see through the clouds gives the picture a really cool vibe to it. But if i tried to just capture only the clouds and did it at a different angle, it would have turned out better, but it was really hard trying to catch only the clouds. Maybe if i went up the stairs I would have gotten a better close up of the clouds.


Lonely Tire



Stats: ISO(2000) F-Stop(f/4), Exposure Time(1/2000sec), Max Aperture(4)

Vision: In this picture I wanted to capture the tire in a way that showed the detail on the tire itself while making the tire the main focus. Also, I decided to take this picture in black and white to prevent any distraction from the different coloured rocks, so the tire would really pop out in this picture. Lastly, I placed the picture towards the right to create the idea of loneliness.

Old Beauty

Stats-Canon EOS REBEL T3, f/3.5, ISO-200, 1/2000 sec.

Vision-My vision for this photograph was to capture the texture in the foreground, symbolizing the intricate detail and age of nature. No props were necessary for this photo as it was taken outside, during the morning. I really like how the background is blurred, causing the tree in the foreground to be the main subject. By setting the ISO and the aperture to the correct setting, the desired effect was achieved. I think the edges and knobs of the tree really bring life to the photograph and emphasize the beauty in simplistic things. If I could retake the shot, I would position the camera in such a way so that the viewer’s eyes aren’t led out of the photograph by the tree in the foreground. Overall, the photo came out the way it was intended.






Nikon,  ISO -800,  f/5.3,  1/2000sec

I took this picture in black and white because if it was in color it would give a different look,so for a change I took the picture in black and white. I focused mainly on the pole because I wanted to get a good glance of how the pole looked and how it looked close up. Having the background blurred I got the front pole in focus.